venerdì 31 luglio 2015

Mint hexe

Hat h&m - Harness Alien Moé - Skirt Newdress - Blouse Dresslink - Boots Windsor Smith

Got so many new things in the mail this week 8D so I had to make a new coord incorporating as many new item as I can ahah. My favorite piece I got lately is this long blouse, which you can wear also as dress (I can't wait for a more cold weather to wear it this way!), the quality is really great and I'm so in love with the shape. The skirt is the classic pleated tennis one which you can see almost everywhere online, this one is really cheap (just 6$!) and the quality is good so I totally recommend it, the only bad thing is I got it too large for my waist :( I think I'll tighten it soon! The  wig is new too (and of course from my favorite shop Uniqso) and you'll see the full review soon eheh.

martedì 28 luglio 2015

Cheap outfits ideas #2

Finally a new post for my tiny rubric cheap outfits ideas! I know you all like it to take some inspirations or just finding cool items for cheap prices, I hope you like it 'cause I would like to make another one like this for the next week :D so don't forget to subscribe to my blog to don't miss any of them!

The first outfit is perfect for summer time! I really like the comfy shape of this long dress, the print is also really cute, definitely something I will wear for sure! The bag is really big and it looks really well done, it's perfect for daily 'cause it looks really comfy and big to carry tons of different things. The shoes are really cute, I haven't a similar model in my closet but I think it's a lovely pair to fit this long dress.

Another cool cheap outfit for summer! The dress looks incredible, you know I'm totally addicted to laces and long dresses and this one has both things in only one item ahah! As you can see this website has a great and large selection of items so it was really easy to find a classic fedora hat to match this dress, and it costs only 3$! The shoes are one of my favorite model all the time and you can match them with a tons of different coords!

Lastly my favorite coord! I'm always obsessed with long blouses and tartan prints for autumn, I can't wait to wear my own version of this collage :D the backpack is gorgeous, simple design with cute details perfect to match a lot of outfits (and great to wear daily!). Creepers are always a must have in every closet for me ahah the black fax suede pair is my favorite for the autumn!

I hope you liked this collage lovely people! Can't wait to make another one the next week, let me know if you want something more for summer or autumn/winter so I can start my research!

domenica 26 luglio 2015

Review: Princess Mimi Sesame grey + Nyaruko wig

Yay new circle lens review for the always amazing shop Uniqso! I recently thought I never tried the super famous Princess Mimi (I think it was the favorite circle lens pair for gyaru a few years ago) so I'm really happy to finally get the model Sesame Grey, I saw them a lot on people with light eyes so I though it would be great to do a review for people with brown eyes like me! You'll also see a wig review in this post :D I chose the Nyaruko wig a while ago and I think it's perfect combinated with the Sesame grey lenses!

As always I got the parcel in a few days with DHL shipping :D 10/10 for the best shipping ever!

The lenses are super big thanks to the 15 diameter, my eyes look incredibly huge ahahah! The color is a super cute grey with a little hint of gold near the irid, which blends really well my natural brown eyes without looking too fake, the final result is so lovely! These lenses are perfect bot for dark eyes and light eyes and also for cosplay, I really recommend them! Of course they're really comfy like the other Geo lenses I already tried and they come with prescription! I'm really tempted to try the green pair the next time :D

Color ★★★★ gorgeous pink color that fits every eye color!
Design ★★★★ great design
Enlargement ★★★ big enlargement effect!
Comfort ★★★★ very comfy!

-lovely grey color that fits every eyes color
- great design
- perfect for cosplay and j-fashions coords
- big diameter
- really comfy
- not apt for daily use

Now it's the wig time! I watched some time ago the anime Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (if you like comedy/parody anime I really recommend it to you all!) and this wig it's totally perfect for the Nyaruko cosplay :D it's super long and soft, the perfect lenght for the cosplay. It also has the tiny topknot which Nyaruko had, so you just need to cut the bangs and some hair spray to the topknot and you're ready for her cosplay! Even if I really like her I won't wear her cosplay in the future (I think eheh) for this reason I just cut an easy bangs to fit almost my j-fashion coords! Do you like it? The quality is so great! You can find it here. You can also check the Uniqso wig library for a detailed faq about wigs!

Quality ★really high quality fiber!

Color gorgeous grey color

Softness super smooth and easy to comb

Don't forget you can always use the code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order! :D

venerdì 24 luglio 2015


Hat h&m - Necklace Nadia Flores en el corazon - Dress SheIn - Shoes Quanticlo - Bag Ikebukuro Sunshine City

Sometimes is nice to go out of my confort zone and try something totally different from my usual style, this coord is simple and girly, perfect for the hot weather we have now in Italy! This dress is super light and soft, I already washed it a lot and it's still in perfect condition, something really important for summer clothes. I got the "jacket bag" in the Ikebukuro Sunshine City in Tokyo during my past January travel, you already saw it in a previous post wore as a clutch, but you can also wear it as a shoulder bag! I wish I had such cool and cheap shops here in Italy too ;_; I want to go back to Japan ahah, but firstly I want to see more and more european countries!

mercoledì 22 luglio 2015


Headband Lockshop - Tee Rosegal - Skirt Romwe - Shoes Yru

Super simple coord from yesterday, I'm really sorry I can't do something more special lately but we have around 37°c everyday here and I'm totally dying for this hot and super humid weather (maybe I'm already in hell and I didn't notice it D8 ). Please autumn come back soon! I recently got this tee and I think it's perfect to create a sort of "sport" coord which is one of the last trends, unfortunetely the tee is not long enough to wear it as a dress, but with a cool skirt you can wear it in tons of different coords!

venerdì 17 luglio 2015

Skeleton Heart

Headband Lockshop - Cardigan Romwe - Dress Romwe - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Shoes Quanticlo

Another simple summer outfit with some new entries in my closet, the dress is really cool and cozy, totally love this kind of shape for summer dresses! The cardigan is very comfy and simple, easy to coordinate with almost everything, it's the perfect piece to wear during the summer nights if the weather is not too hot (not the italian case unfortunetely). I'm always looking for new locations for my outfits posts and I so in love with this one! Can you believe the last 4-5 outfits pics locations are all in the same place? And finally I booked the flight for my tiny summer holiday! I will be in Bruxelles in 24-28 August *_* can't wait to see a beautiful city with good weather ahah!

mercoledì 15 luglio 2015

Fresh tartan

Hat h&m - Dress Walktrendy - Belt Glavil - Backpack Even&Odd - Shoes Quanticlo - Necklace Missguided

I never imagined to wear a tartan item during summer, but this dress I got recently is so gorgeous and fresh, perfect to fight this evil hot weather! The model is quite loose so I decided to put a belt to make it more tight (if you open the link you can see the dress without the belt), the quality is also really good and a lot of items from this website are special and hard to find, definitely one of the best webshops with cheap prices for me! I paired it with my favorite sandals and my always amazing belt from Glavil, which I wear rarely now but it's still one of my favorite accessories! I don't know if there are a lot of rokku gyaru fans among my readers, but recently I noticed Glavil totally changed its style :( I'm really sad to see one of my old favorite brands become totally meh after a few years.

domenica 12 luglio 2015


Hat h&m - Dress Ghost of Harlem - Shoes Jeffrey Campbell

Old outfit I shoot over one month ago,I made two new orders from Japan after many months (I'm still waiting for one parcel), the summer collections usually are not my favorites but this time I saw so many gorgeous things! I don't joke when I say I would like to buy everything from the newest Ghost of Harlem and Glad News collections ;_; I totally need to become rich ahah! I'm so in love with this dress and the best thing is you can wear the underdress alone (or the lace one with other items), so you have two or more dresses with only one purchase! Can't wait to show you the other things I got in my orders (and you are interested I also bought the Risa Nakamura and Yura Peko photobook so if you want a post about them just ask!).

giovedì 9 luglio 2015


Hat h&m - Dress Dresslink - Bag Cndirect - Shoes Quanticlo

I'm survived the summer exam session yay! I'm so happy I'm finally free (for a little time, but who cares) so I can dedicate more time to my blog, playing video games and cooking delicious things eheh. I'm sorry for not having the best lighting in these pics, I shot them during the sunset so the light changed a lot during the session, the weather is horribly hot now I can totally melt ;_; but I hope I can take some new pics soon 'cause I got tons of new things to show you! Recently I got this lovely striped dress and this cute transparent plastic bag, which is so cute and easy to coordinate! As you can see I cannot go out without my 3ds ahahah. My boyfriend gave me as present "Animal Crossing: New Leaf"a few days ago, so I'll totally spend the summer playing it! If you're a 3ds player like me I would be really happy if you can sudgest me some cool games *u* I already played a lot of them but every advice will be great!

lunedì 6 luglio 2015

Violet laces

Hat h&m - Cardigan Dresslink - Dress Dresslink - Sandals Quanticlo - Harness AlienMoé

Summer is killing me in this moment (joining the stress for the last few days of study) but it can't keep me from blogging and share a new outfit with some new few pieces I got recently! The dress is really simple but it has the lovely detail to have the back totally naked so it's the perfect little black dress for summer! The lace cardigan is a piece everyone should have in the closet, you can coordinate it with almost everything and you know lace items are always my favorites! Can't wait to have finally some free time after months of full-immersion with the university, I'm also organizing a travel for August with my boyfriend, I'll give you more details when everything is done! I really need some cool suggestions 'cause it will be my first time in that country eheh.