venerdì 28 novembre 2014

Review: Michi Michi Rainbow land

Hi dears!
Today I would like to show you a new review about the etsy shop Michi Michi Rainbow land
The shop sells a lot of different accessories like tights, necklaces, rings, etc. perfect for j-fashion outfits. My review will be about three different items and I hope you'll like them!
I got the parcel in a few days after shipping, maybe I didn't get a parcel so early in my whole life ahah everything was carefully packed and everything had its protective plastic envelope, I also got the business card of the shop as well (it's too cute!).


The first item I would like to talk about is the tights! It's a lovely tatoo tights with a fake over the knee sock with a cute panda over it, the special thing is the tiny pink cheeks are little jems, they're not printed! I found it really interesting and different from the usual tights you can find on ebay. The quality is really good, the material is thick so you don't have to worry of crushing them after only one use, the print is well done and it's still perfect when you wear it! You can find them here.

An easy and cozy outfit wearing the tights! As you can see they're perfect when you wear them!

The second item is a gorgeous necklace perfect for gothic looks. It has a big pendant with a black frame and an amazing blue/green stone, the effect is fabulous under the light! Even if it's quite big it's really light when you wear it and the quality is really good, it's plastic but very sturdy. It's available in other great colors too! You can find it here.

The last item is a lovely tiny purse, perfect to keep some coins or little makeup items. It has a little chain so you can attach it on your purse if you want! And look at this cute and grumphy's the BEST thing I've ever seen ahahah, for a cat addicted like me it's the most adorable item in the whole world! The quality is really good, the material is really soft inside and outside! You can find it here.

I definitely recomend to buy items from Michi Mich Rainbow land! Lovely items for good prices and inside Europe, so you don't have to worry about customs and long shipping time! Let me know of course if you already know it and if you like their items!

lunedì 24 novembre 2014

Review: i.Fairy Cara Blue

Another review for my favorite shop Uniqso! This time about a new circle lens pair and a pair of eyelashes :D I chose I.Fairy Chara Blue, I already have a lot of lenses from this brand which I totally love for their comfiness and bright colors so I decided to try another model! It was the first time I tried a pair of eyelashes from their great selection, you can find fake eyelashes for almost every taste, I chose a very natural pair to fit my everyday looks!

I got everything in a few days with Dhl shipping and it was really well packed as usual!
Uniqso has a new QR code on the bottom of their boxes that you can scan :D try it!

The lashes have a really cute package, don't you think? The model is called Stella Eyelashes Pointed 5117 and it's really natural, the best thing is when you apply them you can totally forget about them 'cause they're super light, the lighter and comfortabler pair I ever tried! You can see in the other pics how they're on my eyes, I cut them a bit to fit better my eye shape!

The color is really great and bright, you can see how it pops up a lot over my brown eyes but I'm sure they'll be amazing on light eyes too! The design is really special 'cause you can find some yellow parts between the blue, it gives a lovely touch to these lenses, they're really good for a dolly look! The diameter is big but the lenses are really comfortable, I wore them for half of a day without problems, like every i.Fairy lens I already have. They come with prescription as well!
As you can see the eyelashes are perfect for a natural makeup, I really like them in combination with this big diameter lenses! Here is how to choose natural looking false eye lashes for daily wear!

Color ★★★★ lovely color that covers really well dark eyes
Design ★★★★ great design
Enlargement ★★★★ big enlargement effect!
Comfort ★★★★ really comfy

- great design and color
- perfect for a j-fashions looks and cosplay
- big enlargement effect
- really comfy
- non apt for daily look

As always I'm really happy and satisfied about everything I got from Uniqso! Best quality for amazing prizes and of course there are always a lot of amazing promotions! Don't forget you can use the code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your order!

martedì 18 novembre 2014

Witchy saturday

Coat Camaieu - Hat, dress h&m - Necklace Accessorize - Tights Missguided - Boots Windsor Smith

Everytime I decide to make a cute coord to share on the blog the weather always becomes really dark and rainy :< I love autumn but sometimes it's kinda frustating that everyday the sun disappears at 4.30 pm and you have no time to shoot good quality pics.This outfit is from the past saturday, I went out with my friends for some manga shopping and then to a brand new sushi restaurant (which wasn't really good tho). I'm always in the mood for a witchy outfit, I think it's my favorite all the year but especially during fall! I tried to tone down a bit the gothic feel with a bright purple lipstick, it's new in my collection and I'm totally in love with it! It's the Violet Melted liquid lipstick from Too Faced, I hope to have the chance to get it in red too.

venerdì 14 novembre 2014

Review: Nozomi Tojo (Love Live) & Rize (Tokyo Ghoul) wigs

New review for my favorite shop ever Uniqso! Not lenses this time, but wigs! Many of you know maybe that Uniqso sells a lot of beautiful cosplay and fashion wigs, I was really curious about them 'cause they look really cute in pics and I can say now I'm totally satisfied with them!

The first one I chose is a purple wig for Nozomi Tojo from Love Live, I'm a big fan of the series and the character (I'm waiting for the costume, I hope to get it soon!) so I was really happy when I found it on the website! I got the wig in around one month (you can find it here), the usual time with a slow shipping method, it was packed really well with two plastic envelopes! The quality is so good, it's soft at touch, really easy to comb and the perfect violet shade for Nozomi! I absolutely love it and I recommend it to you all if you're searching for a great wig to cosplay her! You can find other wigs for Love Live pgs so don't forget to check all the great selection! I'll make other pics when I'll get the full costume *_* I can't wait!

The second wig is for Rize from Tokyo Ghoul (you can find it here)! The purple shade is not perfect to cosplay her, but it's absolutely stunning anyway! The color is a vibrant purple with a red undertone, it's a special color really hard to find and it's perfect to create beautiful j-fashions outfits! I won't use it for cosplaying Rize but I'll use it a lot for sure in my outfits! The quality is amazing, really soft, it doesn't lose hair when you comb it and it looks really natural! I'm totally in love with! Here are some tips to styling synthetic hair wigs for  a natural look.

Lenses are Eos New Adult violet from Uniqso of course and you can read the full review here!

I got so many nice compliments from my family and friends about these lovely wigs, they look really natural and soft, like realy hair! I absolutely recommend them both and I can't wait to try other ones! Let me know what do you think about them and if you already bought some wigs from Uniqso!
Uniqso organized a wonderful giveaway on its Facebook page, don't forget to join it here!

domenica 9 novembre 2014

Not dead yet

Hat, dress h&m - Jacket Zara - Sweater Sammydress - Shoes Jeffrey Campbell

It was a really hard week, but I'm not dead luckily ahah! I did so many boring things, modules to deliver, endless queues at the students secretary, little time for sleep...but finally I saw the end of this! I'll graduate in the late November so it will be a month full of things to do, but I'm really happy I'm near the end of this first university phase. Yesterday it was my only free day of the week, I just shot this simple outfit, worked on new reviews for my blog and met my friends for afternoon tea time!
I did some things for my new project, I hope everything will be ready asap 'cause it's a thing I got asked a lot in these years but I hadn't the time and the energy to do!

lunedì 3 novembre 2014



 Hat h&m - Jsk Btssb - Cardigan Morph8ne - Fur collar borrowed - Tights, cover Grimoire - Shoes Taobao

I'm really sorry for my little absence from the blog, I was at Lucca Comics the past 4 days and I hadn't a good internet connection for all my stay. I wore this outfit for a fashion show during the convention, if you're interested of course I can make a post about it with the pics taken by my bf! I made the outfit with everything that was already in my closet, the dress is "new" but I bought it in summer, it was the first time I was able to wear it! The concept was a sort of "zarina outfit with a gothic touch" but I don't know if I did a good job ahahah I really love it anyway! I really missed wearing lolita clothes.