giovedì 29 agosto 2013

Grey hair

I changed my hair color again, for some reason my usual ash-blonde dye turned my hair into grey, it was totally unexpected but I really like the final result! I don't know who long it will remain, I don't want to have ugly neon yellow hair like before the dye XD ( I bleached them to remove the green and then I applied my hair dye) so I hope it will last long! Do you like them?

Hat Boy London - T-shirt Putumayo - Necklace Monomania - Cardigan Glavil - Skirt h&m - Shoes random japanese store

The weather started to become more autumnal, everyday there is sun and then rain...a bit annoying but with a few devices it's possible to deal with it! Finally I can wear my new lovely cardigan from Glavil, it's pure love!

You cannot escape from the usual food porn pictures 8D

Also got some few days ago a lovely letter with some amazing gifts form the adorable LizJuice!
Thank you so much again sweetie, I love everything and I'll answer you soon! If you want you can check her handmade store to see more of her lovely creations *v*.

And lastly I would like to thank everyone who joined my giveaway! The lucky winner as I wrote some days ago on Facebook is Irene Benigni! I received a lot of wrong entries this time ( and some of them were really annoying because I understood how many people tried to join a giveaway without following the blog...), I really hope next time there will be more correct people XD.

sabato 24 agosto 2013

Tourist in my region

Some days ago my dear friend Flavia came to my town for holiday! I’m really happy she is here, I know her since 2008, she was my first lolita friend and actually one of my dearest friends! Unfortunately we live 300 km away so it’s really hard to see each other but when I can I always go to Rome and when she has some holidays she comes here! I also made some posts about her first little travel here two years ago. The only bad thing is I’m sick again XD and you can see in the pictures I looked like a ghost, lol. The first day was really lazy ‘cause she did a long travel with her boyfriend to come here, but the second day we decided to visit a stronghold in my region, I it was the first time I went there so I was really happy ‘cause I love this kind of thing XD.

 My hair became an ugly green/grey color :°D luckily I will change the hair color in the next days

 I know maybe this kind of post can be really boring for some of you, but I would like to share anyway some things I like, my blog is only fashion related but one of my passion is history as some of you already know. Inside the stronghold there was also a weapons exibition!

Yesterday we went to Grazia's home and I decided to dress up cute after loooong time, the weather got better so I was able to finally wear a wig! We visited Atri town and we had dinner to Grazia's place!

Eyeball ribbons, necklace Kreepsville666 - T-shirt Zara - Skirt Angelic Pretty  - Shoes Taobao

I can't wait to wear again tights and long-sleeve shirts T_T. Dear autumn come back soon!

Group picture!

Today Flavia cames back home T_T we spent only a few days together but I was really happy! In September I will see her again for an annual convention, I can't wait!

domenica 18 agosto 2013

Summer outfits and some daily life

I’m really sorry I didn’t post as usual in these days, I was sick and also nothing really interesting happened in the past weeks, but I would like to share my last outfits! Maybe I’m the only one who hates summer not only for the fucking hot weather but 'cause I’m always really busy with my exams, I also worked a little (extra money ….I just spent them, lol) and did a lot of commissions for my family, I hadn’t many chances to go out with friends and it’s really strange every summer is always the same XD (and the next week I’ll start to work to my new cosplay’s weapons….I would like days with more than 24 hoursXD).

 photo IMG_2000.jpg

 photo IMG_1997.jpg

Heaband, bag, shoes, over lace skirt taobao – Top nike (lol) – Pink skirt Terranova – Chocker Lady Macbeth (etsy) – Necklace h&m

I wore this outfit for a little break with my friends, we went to a nearby city to buy mangas *otaku mode*, it’s nothing really special but with 40° I hadn't the courage to make something with more accessories, layers or heavy make - up XD my eyes are also really tired for too much study *sadness*.  I received in my other accounts a lot of questions about my “skirt”,  they are two different ones, I only wore the lace one over the pink one!

 photo cats-35.jpg

Food porn as usual.

 photo IMG_2035.jpg

 photo IMG_2056.jpg

Yesterday finally we went out all together after a long time, we went to the usual comic shop  but it was closed  and then to our favorite bar... that is was closed too T.T so we went to a nearby bar, the more nearby possible lol, ‘cause it was super hot and we absolutely wanted something to drink.

 photo 2013-08-17192403.jpg

This picture with Chiara was snapped by my boyfriend while we went to the station, we didn’t know he took a picture of us XD I found it really cute, we seem like little sisters with the same backpack, colorful hair and blackxwhite outfit *u*.

 photo IMG_2051.jpg

 photo IMG_2052.jpg

 photo IMG_2048.jpg

Cap Ebay – T-shirt, skirt Glavil – Shoes, bag taobao – Necklace Monomania 

I know the outfit is really really similar to the one in the previous post, but I enjoy so much wearing white outfits and I’m so in love with my new clothes! Maybe you noticed my hair became green and I also cutted them a bit, now all the split ends are gone and I can't wait to have super long hair again after so much time, I will not bleaching them again so I'm very hopeful!
  I will show you in a new haul post with all things I bought during this period asap, now I’m waiting for 7 parcels (mostly very little stuff from ebay) so you need to have a little patience to see all the new things!

domenica 11 agosto 2013

Review: Spiked bracelet Spark

*sponsored review*


Today I introduce you to a new web store called Spark , a Slovenian store that sells jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings)! I’m sure you can find something you like because the selection will be really large (the website opened few days ago so a lot of items are not present yet, but all the things now on sale are SUPER cute) and for all the tastes! I had the chance to choose one item and I chose THIS lovely spiked bracelet, don’t you think the name “Stand up, spike up” is really cute?

 photo IMG_1982.jpg

As you can read in the website the length is adjustable, which is a really great thing ‘cause you can wear it easily and also people with large wrist can wear it without problems! It’s also really light and comfy, the color is an amazing gold/bronze which is really hard to find.

 photo IMG_1986-1.jpg

I can’t wait to see all the new items, I’m in love with this shop! This bracelet became instantly a must-have for my daily outfits, I really like it and the quality is super good! I highly recommend this store, I’m sure you will be totally satisfied with their beautiful products! And it’s also inside Europe so you don’t have to wait a lot to receive your parcel and you don’t get the hateful custom fee! You also have a WORLDWIDE free shipping  included with every order!

 photo 1-24.jpg

 photo IMG_2017-1.jpg

Headband Lockshop – T-shirt Glavil – Necklace Bershka – Shoes Taobao – Bracelet Spark

Yesterday’s outfit! I love to coordinate white clothes with gold accessories *_*!

In my sidebar you can find the banner with a 20% discount on your purchase! Don’t forget to use it :D let me know what do you think of them!

lunedì 5 agosto 2013

Ootd 020813

Last outfit from a few days ago! I went out with my friends to buy some hair dye and then for dinner we went to a little pub, I have nothing really interesting to say but I’m working on a new sponsored review and I hope to share it asap!

 photo IMG_1971.jpg

 photo IMG_1973-1.jpg

 photo IMG_1968.jpg

Headband taobao – Necklace Accessorize – T-shirt Pimkie – Skirt Glavil – Shoes Montreal – Sunglasses Sunboo

I tried to coordinate my Glavil skirt in a different way, I really like the final result, the headband had the same color of the skirt, I don’t know why it looks so magenta in the pictures XD.

 photo 2013-08-02210726.jpg
Yummy dinner *v*

 photo 2013-08-03195357.jpg

And lastly another simple outfit with a different hair style, I made two odangos and put a usamimi, I don’t know if this kind of hair style suits me, but the weather is so damn hot that it’s really hard to have perfect hair without dying.