domenica 25 settembre 2011

Outfit snap #8

I went out with my boyfriend for a little walk yesterday, so he made some pics of my outfit! It was the first time I wore my new Tulle Rose op from MmM, the coordinate was very delicate and soft, next time I hope to coordinate it with navy! I hope you like it ♥

I wore ivory roses lace tights, I hate my camera 'cause the dettails are always invisible.

I don't know why but I love this shoot, you can see a bit my soft make up and the pearls accessories!

We cooked some vanilla cookies in the evening, I love cooking with him! I feel like we are married ahah ( I know, I'm so damn honey sometimes) then we watched Fairy tail and we drunk a hot tea ( I chose breakfast, the worse one for the night ahah)!

Pic of my last make up purchases, I went to the mall some days ago and I bought these items ( some are presents ♥), I'll review them asap!

What I bought:

Frozen Nail Lacquer Frosted Emerald
Frozen Nail Lacquer Northern Sea Blue (present from my boyfriend ♥)
Nail Lacquer Viola Nero Microglitter (for only 1 euro!)
Nail Lacquer Fuchsia Microglitter (present from my sister's boyfriend)
Make up Remover Eyes&lips
Natural Concealer 01

Let me know if you want a special review!
Thank you very much for looking ♥ Comments are always very welcome!

mercoledì 21 settembre 2011

Waratte Koarete part II

Second part with a lot of stupid pics, I hope you like them!

An italian tv is broadcasting Dragonball Z for the 100th time these days (yes, AGAIN!), so we made some poses inspired by the fusion move and the Ginyu Force ahahah

Gifs made by the cute Elisa from Cute can Kill, all the beautiful pics in high quality are made by her!

Thank you for looking!

martedì 20 settembre 2011

Waratte Koarete!

Finally the post about Waratte Koarete! The travel to Rome was terrible, but I don't want to talk about my renal block lol!
We arrived with delay, but luckly we had the time for lunch and make up!
The try was really embarrassing, we must talked like japanese girls with strident voice and made stupid pose....apparently japanese people love these stupid things...
It's our first time in a tv program so we were so anxious but all went good eventually!

My outfit for the event.
I tried a new coordinate with my rapunzel dress, gold shoes, new tights, different wig and accessories! I hope you like it!
We made a lot of stupid pics in front of the recording studio after the show (but I'll share them in my next post)!

Let's start with backstage pics!

Our room: we had large mirrors for make up, food and drink for free!

♥ Group pics ♥:

Thank you all for the beautiful day ♥ ♥ ♥ I hope to see you asap!

I hope to find a streaming link or something like, I want to see the program! If I found it I'll surely share it here :D
Sorry if this post is full of pics , but it's really hard to choose 'cause I like all!
I hope I don't annoy you!

sabato 17 settembre 2011


I received two parcels some days ago (now I am waiting for another one XD), the first is from Celga, I bought the front cross dress from MmM and a Suppurate System necklace some months ago , I'm in love with them ♥♥♥.

Keigo san sent me these two presents, August Kera and a Rilakkuma takes notes, thank you again for your great service ♥!

I have only one word for this: perfect ♥! The fabric is a soft chiffon, the color changes with the light, indeed it's more dark but with the sun it looks light blue!

The lace is the same of Divine Cross, I love it! I need more cross lace in my life!

Suppurate system cherry spiked ( Cross Type)
I received a postcard with Ryonai! It's the Dark Tea Party II advertising, from this set I love the cross necklace with cookie bear, all the things are always so original! I hope to buy from him again!

I want to share the real necklace dimensions: it's so BIG! Luckly it's really light!

The second is the Tulle Rose op from MmM, I bought it on ebay from UK, it was in my wishlist for a long time, now I have it ♥

In the next days I'll share pics about Waratte Koraete show! Stay tuned!
Thank you for looking ♥!

Outfit snap #7

Yesterday I went with my boyfriend to a manga shop opening in a nearby city, so I decided to wear my new Front Cross dress from MmM (arrived yesterday! I feel like a child XD ahah), the weather is so damn hot to wear a blouse so I wore a really light tulle cardigan ! The only bad thing was I covered the beautiful front cross, next time I'll surely show it!

You can see a bit my make up this time!

Favorite blue nail polish ♥

I hope you like it! In the next post I'll share pics about my last parcels received, stay tuned :D!

mercoledì 7 settembre 2011

Outfit snap #7 + big new!

Finally I finished my exams *hurrà!*, now I'm on holiday XD next exams will be on February!
I promise a lot of new outfits ❤
This time I would like to share yesterday's outfit, it's very simple, sorry about that! I hope this summer will finish early!

In the pic there is a little intruder eheh one of my cats :)! He thinks "I'm coordinate with her outfit so I want to be in the pic!" ahahah *joke moment*

Make up pic, two different shade of grey with h&m lashes!

With my friend Chiara, she is so tanned, I look like a ghost near her XD

And finally...the big lolita new!

“Waratte Koraete” is an entertainment show by Nippon Television Network, one of the most important Tv stations , and can boast a 15% of share in Japan.
Nippon Television has opened a base in Rome in March, with the aim to braodcast cultural, artistic, gastronomic, pop and particular aspects that can’t be necessarly seen during a single journey in Italy.
The network is organizing a special event, that will be inserted inside a three hours special that will be broadcasted septemper 23th. The event consists in a contest between fans of many aspects of Japan, culture, collecting, manga, arts and more. The contest will thake place in the presence of two famous japanese actors that will act as judges, and will choose the performance or hobby they like tho most. We will take part in the contest with a lolita parade!
I’m really excited by this event, and it seems so strange we will go on air in Japan XD!
The program will be filmed the 19 september, it will be a hard and challenging day for all of us (filming will last all day), we all will do our best :D!